This is the professional blog for mathematics educator and researcher, Dr. Maria del Rosario Zavala. Follow her on twitter @mdrzavala.

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I am an associate professor of elementary education at San Francisco State University, living in the east bay with my family. I host the TODOS Math for ALL Podcast: https://www.todos-math.org/todos-podcasts 

Dr. Zavala is a mathematics educator at San Francisco State University, teaching in the multiple-subjects credential program, the Bilingual Education for Social Transformation program, and Special Education program. Dr. Zavala brings a variety of teaching experiences in mathematics and literacy from across the K-college pipeline to her work. Her research focuses on equity issues, specifically identity development and culturally responsive practices, in the math education of Latinxs and other historically marginalized populations. For more on my research and teaching visit https://gcoe.sfsu.edu/people/faculty/maria-zavala 

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